We’re a small company with Big results!

We offer partial and full restorations, custom builds and modifications. Every project we do is built with three key factors… Knowledge, Quality, Honesty.

Choosing a restoration shop in this day and age is no easy feat – it seems like they’re everywhere. When the value of muscle cars started shooting up, so did restoration shops. Now, it’s almost impossible to go to a car show and not see countless restoration shop names. The problem… a lot of these shops aren’t properly educated and trained in the art of restoration, and, in truth, there are really only a handful of true quality-oriented shops in the country. We happen to be one of them.

We’ve won tons of awards. 98% of shows we attend and enter a car for judging wins its class and/or best of show. Great! We want our work to generate attention, because the cars we restore are top of the line, amazing and rare vehicles.  But…

Behind every one of our builds is the knowledge, and the quality, and the honesty to stand the test of time. It’s not just about attention and awards, its about making sure your investment is built on a solid core.

Built to drive. Built to last. Don’t trust just anyone. We sure don’t.

What to look for

When completed, the paint and body should look like this. A mirror like finish that reflects its surroundings without much distortion. Sighting down the side of the car is the best way to see this. Body work and paint should be free of wrinkles, kinks, chop and waves.

Looking at these cars, you can easily see the laser straight body lines. Body lines should be crisp and consistent from one end to the other.

Body panels should be centered properly and have consistent spacing all the way around. They should be level with the other panels surrounding it and should have absolutely no rubbing.

When you look at our engine compartments, there are no corners cut. It’s as perfectly restored as the interior and exterior.

When looking at chrome pieces, they should be polished to a bright, mirror like shine.  They should be free from scratches, pits or smudges.