We offer full, partial and progressive restorations. We are committed to completing detail oriented restorations of the highest quality. The money involved in classic car restoration is substantial, therefore your end result should be a show stopper, built from the ground up with quality in mind.

A lot of shops in todays market say the same things – that their restorations are the best. In truth, there are really only a handful of truly competent, nitty gritty detail oriented shops. We know this because we spend a lot of time at national level shows looking over everyones work.

This is your masterpiece

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… and this kind of quality can only be left to us.

We don’t compromise on quality. We don’t cut corners. We do it the right way, all the way. Our reputation is on the line so your investment should stand the test of time. Choosing less knowledgeable shops or shops with a lot of employees to keep busy puts your investment at risk. Period.

Check out our Restoration Outline page for a detailed description of a complete restoration cycle.

Make the right choice for your project… Choose Apex.