Chassis Dyno

Why waste valuable time and money with the trial and error method of tuning? No need to take your car to the track to see if your new combination works or if your car is performing at it’s peak. Take the initiative to call and setup an appointment to have your car ran in on the Dyno.

There is more to a dyno than just horsepower.

With a chassis Dyno run you not only get horsepower and torque, you get readouts to help adjust drive-ability, cold starting, fuel economy, idle quality… all these things make for an enjoyable hobby and make for a safer, more reliable car.

You’ve spent the money to build it, now you need to make sure it runs right.

  • Measure horsepower & torque
  • Off track tuning & testing
  • Drive-ability & computer diagnostics
  • Testing of performance parts
  • Dial in distributor & carburetor
  • Speed calibration
  • Real time testing, tuning & results
  • Automatic correct for atmospheric conditions
  • Ream time REP measurements (Accurate to +/-  1/10th RPM)
  • Inductive RPM pickup system detects ignition misfires
  • Automatically calculates gear ratios
  • Automatically detects clutch or tire slippage