Body & Paint

Molded Out of Clay

Long before the first layer of paint is applied to our projects, a lot of man hours are spent making it laser straight. This is one of the things we are well known for and strive to continue advancing our expertise in.

Our philosophy … to produce a fit and finish the way the factory should have

Producing this level of body and paint takes skilled and gifted artisans that are more than just ‘painters’. It takes an artists eye and a real passion. We’re pleased to say that our paint and body techs are masters in their field and are extremely committed to producing your project’s glass smooth finish.

We don’t separate our body shop positions. We don’t have a painter, a body tech, a primer … we require each of our techs to encompass all of these talents. Once the project hits our body shop, we have one skilled tradesman see the project through from beginning to end. We’ve found this helps keep the quality level top notch and consistent throughout.

What’s that saying… too many cooks in the kitchen, something’s bound to get burned?

We eliminate that possibility. Having only one lead on the project helps communication, helps keep the project on time and budget, and ensures his expertise will show through each and every step in the process, and that’s exactly what we aim for. When you look at our paint and body work, you can see the expert body work, the expert paint work, and the expert wet-sand and buff, we don’t mess around. You get a completely rounded expert tradesman all the way through.