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:: Thanks to the export of our Monaro to the USA, we’re starting to see some amazing custom jobs performed – perhaps none crazier than the Aloha Dream Cars HRSS


While sales of the Pontiac GTO (a LHD version of our Monaro) in America have not exactly lived up to GM’s expectations, plenty of amazing work has been done to the Commodore-based two-door by numerous custom and performance houses over in the land of apple pie and Uncle Sam. We’ve previously covered the super quick and super sideways drift GTO of Rhys Millen and we’re currently trying to tie down the legendary George Barris with his incredible scissor-doored chop top, but this funky-looking creation comes from Aloha Dream Cars in Wisconsin, USA.

Called the HRSS, Aloha has been inspired by the old Chevrolet SS Chevelles of the late ’60s, and the heavily modified GTO now wears a slew of carbon-fibre body panels that still allows the car to retain its factory crumple zones and structural integrity. This is no one-off either, with Aloha building two versions of the car for public consumption: one carrying the HRSS aesthetic while retaining its GTO mechanical, the other hiding a C5R-based 454ci 600hp V8. Prices are US $85,000 and $135,000 respectively.

Development of the HRSS was no overnight sensation. The Aloha team spent a mind-warping 3150 hours fine tuning and manufacturing the first body – that featured hand-formed and file-finished rear quarters – onto which they could make moulds for the subsequent copies.

After the obligatory run of the US show circuit, the car was given a once-ver to ‘soften’ the headlight and front bar treatment due to some ‘constructive’ criticism that it looked too hard and angular. What you see now is the final production version, and while it is unusual in appearance, you’ll agree it’s pretty damn cool.

The HRSS features a completely custom front end from bumper to A-pillar and custom rear end from C-pillar (if there were one) to bumper. In the version pictures, you can see the old-school race stripes and functional cowl-induction unit – another throwback to the muscle cars of old. The grille is made up of thick stainless plate that harks back to the custom era while also looking ultra modern at the same time, while late-model lighting provides the necessary illumination for nationwide compliance. Rear lighting is custom and using modern technology and lens style, yet has the feel of the ’60s GM fodder. Detail like this truly makes the HRSS an amazing vehicle.

Under the bonnet, two configurations are available as we mentioned: stock LS1 and a 600hp 454ci V8 based on the C5R from a C6 Vette. The 454 features a Wilson FAST composite manifold, Wilson fuel rails, beautiful stainless four-into-one headers and stainless exhaust and 10.7:1 compression – among other things – for a total of 600hp and 600lb.ft of torque. What’s better, you can specifically order damn near anything you want in terms of engine specs, colours, stickers, wheels (the wheels supplied look horn!) or interior detail. Speaking of which…

Inside the HRSS, Aloha decided GM provided the GTO with pretty nice trim to begin with and only minor deviation from stock feature, like HRSS-emblazoned instrumentation, logos on the seat inserts and a custom gauge binnacle with some pretty nice-looking gauges filling them.

According to Aloha, it has limited 2005 production to 40 units and they’re apparently selling okay. All units sold come with letters of authenticity, they’re plated with serial numbers, and you even get a nice little photo album containing build-up shots of your own HRSS being constructed. Add to that the car care package, personalized car cover and full documentation, and you’ve got a pretty sweet deal considering the development time and cost that has gone into the project. One things for sure: you’ll have a rare beast in your garage.

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