Mecum Kissimmee 2017

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There are two cars we’re going to be watching this year at Mecum in Kissimmee, Fl. 

The first is the 1971 GTX 440 Six Pack we restored for Tim & Pam Wellborn and their Wellborn Musclecar Museum. This is an absolutely beautiful GTX (even with that pin stripe) and we’re proud to put our name on it.  Not going to lie though, it’s always a bit sad and stings a little when a car we restore ends up being sold… but that’s the name of the game in the collector car industry.

The GTX is Lot# S154 and will be rolling through the auction block on Saturday January 14th. Read more about it on Mecum’s site. 


The second car we’ll be watching is the 1970 Cuda Convertible, 440 Six Pack, 4-speed “Black Widow” or “Black & Blue” car.  If you’re reading this you’re probably aware of our history with Aloha Automotive Services (the restoration shop Andrew grew up in and worked in with his family). This car was restored there about 14 years ago. That’s a long time, and while the bar for restoring cars has been continually raised since then, the Black Widow still looks pretty nice. It was parked right next to our booth at the 2016 MCACN show so of course we eyed her over and reminisced about the black widows in the car when it came to the shop.  

Anyways, that’s always been a favorite of ours since its so different and rare, and I have lots of memories delivering cars to Tom Lembeck in downtown Chicago. Andrew and I were just dating then and I was only working part time at Aloha, but I would go with him to drop off some of these collector cars and he and Tom would stop traffic in downtown Chicago to load and unload them (insert traffic horns and cuss words). A favorite memory of mine is still being in awe that when the rest of the world was garaging and babying these rare cars, Tom hopped in one of his Cuda converts drove it on the highway in bumper to bumper Chicago traffic. Heck, one time he even drove one from his building in Chicago all the way up to the shop in Port Washington, WI.  I was even able to scrounge up a few old pics of the Cuda shown below. Read more about it on Mecum’s site. 

The Black Widow goes up for auction on Friday, January 13th, Lot # F98 – with a Mecum estimate price of $1 – $1.25 million bucks

Good luck to Tim & Pam Wellborn and to Tom Lembeck and the Black Widow, may the auction gods be in your favor! 🙂

Stay tuned on our instagram account for live pictures from the auction!