MCACN 2016, Come and Gone!

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Another Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals is in the books! This year we unveiled our latest 1969 Hemi Road Runner restoration, showed our 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible tribute car, as well as an upcoming restoration project, a 1971 Cuda 6pack. 

We always like to show a project car in some sort of stage since most people don’t get to see that part. We had an upcoming restoration project that we would be starting right after MCACN, since we knew there was some damage to the passenger side quarter panel, we thought it would be cool to show what gets uncovered.

We decided to soda-blast just that half of the car… and boy were we surprised. The damage was a lot more extensive than it looked when it was covered in paint, and the repair job was not so good. The moral of this is exactly what happened… you just don’t know what’s under the paint until you find out. The 1/2 and 1/2 Cuda drew quite the attention at the show, it varied from people understanding what we did to people thinking we had restored only half the car!


The real show stopper was the original 6,000 mile 1969 Hemi Road Runner. Not only was it an unveiling car, but it also scored 999 out of 1000 points and won the Best Plymouth award. That one point… a small spot in the original rear view mirror. Too nice to not use, especially after we located two other original ones, but neither of those were nicer than the original. The Runner ended the weekend tucked in a corner for Mopar Collector’s Guide to take some photos for an upcoming issue.