Drag Pak Challenger Pick-Up!

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We got to do something fun and different last week. We headed out to Detroit to one of the Roush facilities and picked up this sweet Drag Pak Challenger. If you’re not familiar with this new Chrysler monster, check out some detail on Mopar’s site, this Car & Driver article or this TopSpeed article.

A restoration client of ours bought one of these and since we’re just across the pond we jumped in the truck and headed over to get it. While there, the project manager was kind enough to give us a tour of the facility, and since Hot Rod had literally just left and took 100s of pictures, he said we could take some pics too!

Definitely one of the neatest things about being in the restoration business is some of these perks. While the drive over to Detroit wasn’t all that fun, knowing we were going to get to see the Drag Pak in production, tour the Roush facility, and then come home with one, sure was.

Just too bad its winter here… 😉

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