Oooooh! Blast from the Past!

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Something very sexy showed up last week! We restored this Challenger for a great couple in 2006 and 2007. I can remember those dates very easily because not only did we get married in 2006, but Andrew rushed his broken leg recovery in 2007 to be the one to deliver it.

We don’t get to see this one too much since it lives in Florida, but it’s been restored for 9 years already and its looking great! And this one doesn’t just sit under a cover or ride around in a trailer, it’s driven!

This Go-mango T/A was bought new in 1970 by our clients uncle. His uncle eventually sold it and it moved between 2 other owners before our client was able to hunt it down and buy it back in 2002. Two motors were built for this car – one was the restored original six pack (that went home for safe keeping) and the other one dropped into the Challenger is a 415ci small block producing 490hp. Just enough power to make a statement.

This is one of our favorites. Not only does it have a great story, but a great family. Restoring these cars sometimes turns more into money and value and for awhile before the muscle car crash, flipping. But this was a restoration for passion, which is why we do this.

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