Lookin’ Good @ MCACN in Chicago

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This year at MCACN there was a very special display inspired by the Nascar Aero wars, these ultra streamlined cars took factory backed racing to another level. Dodge started with the aero-back/flush grill Charger 500 and then went a step beyond with the wild winged Daytona and then the Superbird, while Ford jumped right in with the flush grill/extended nose Talledega’s and the Mercury Cyclone Spoilers. It is a treat to see just one of these Aero Warriors, but for 2012, you will be able to see more than 40, possibly the largest gathering ever assembled under one roof!

We were very happy to have the Superbird on display at this years MCACN.  Out of the more than 40 Aero cars, our Bird was one of only two Hemi ‘Birds — and the other one we restored about 6 years ago!

This show is turning into an event with a great selection of cars and seems to have a following of great supporters. A special thanks to Bob Ashton for the invitation into the Aero Warriors display.

We were also able to catch up with some projects from our past that were in invitational displays too!


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