Disassembly & Part Inspection

After the initial paperwork and inspections are complete, we move on to the disassembly of your car. We inspect each part as it’s removed and make checklists and notes. This is an area where you designate how you want your car built. It’s completely up to you what type of parts you want on your build – reproduction, NOS, original, or we can try to save what you have. We will always offer our opinion and best professional advice, but in the end it’s your car, so it’s your decision.

Chemical Stripping, aka Acid Dipping

Your car will be chemically dipped to remove all the paint and gunk that has built up. We will end up with a bare metal shell that will reveal just how little or how much metal repair needs to be completed. This process isn’t always necessary, each specific project designates it’s own needs.


This is where the magic starts. Every inch of rusted, dented, or cracked metal gets repaired or replaced. This is an extremely important step in the restoration process. In order for the body and paint work to be flawless, the metal work needs to be precise. It took us ten years to find the right guys, with the right amount of skill, artistry and care, but we did. This isn’t just a welder’s job, this is an artisan’s job.


We recommend this process to help preserve your investment. We’ve been using this dipping/e-coating process for years and believe it is the right way to start your restoration. E-coating is a process where your car is dipped into washing tanks, then into a rust inhibiting priming agent, and then baked in an electro-statically charged tank (hence e-coat) to adhere the rust inhibitor. This readies your car for the body and paint work step of the project. If you’re hesitant to go this route, we have a few other tricks up our sleeves.

Initial Body Work & Panel Alignment

Your car is completely worked over, every inch is inspected and perfected. At this level, when we’re done with it, it’ll be like glass, you almost can’t help but touch it.

Component, Interior & Upholestry

In amongst, while all the other larger parts of your restoration are being worked on, we are also working on the smaller components that make your restoration shine. Interior parts and pieces are being restored or modified as well as interior fabrics and upholstery. Not to mention all the tiny pieces like the air vents that we carefully restored and perfect. It’s the details that set us apart from the competition, they don’t get away from us.

Engine Built & Run-in on Run Stand

After the engine build is complete, we run it in on the run stand for initial testing and diagnostics. This is an easy way to make sure it’s 100% perfect before we install it in your car. We want to do it the right way… the first time.

Final Block & Paint

This is the final body work stage. This step insures your restoration is set apart from the rest. At this level of restoration, there aren’t many other cars that will outshine yours.


The car starts coming back to life as we start to re-assemble all the new and restored parts. This is a stage where an eye for detail as well as being very careful is very important. A lot of places don’t wait long enough for paint to cure, so you see bubbling paint around installed hardware, a big no-no to us. We also don’t want to see paint chips and nicks from any parts assembled on the car. We’re very picky. Everything is installed carefully by hand, without power tools.

Decals, Stripes & Stickers

Just when you think you might be done with the outside, the decals come out! We work hard to make sure our decals go on 100% straight, without air bubbles or small tears. Large billboards usually make such a large statement, we want to make sure you car is drawing attention for the right reasons! Correct factory placement combined with expert application processes make sure your accents are perfect!

Display it!

While not everyone wants their fresh new toy sitting around by us while it goes to shows, a lot of our clients participate in the hobby and want it displayed and entered in judging. With two car haulers, we are fully capable and prepared to safely transport your project to the national shows we attend. A few years ago we even started sponsoring the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, an indoor show in Chicago, IL., that’s recently been nicknamed “the Pebble Beach of muscle car shows”! We also know our way around Mopar Nationals (1st Place wins every year we attend), Chrysler’s at Carlisle (1st Place wins every year we attend), Monster Mopar (1st Place wins every year we attend), and even specialty concours de ‘elegance shows!